Global Health & Medicine 2022;4(1):37-44.

Report on the nature, characteristics, and outcomes of the Japanese healthcare system

Kondo T; MEJ Four Dimensional Health Innovation Group


In Japan, healthcare takes a "patient-centeredness" approach to prioritize providing rational medicine for patients under the initiative of medical doctors. This approach to healthcare is based on the concept that patients should receive the correct diagnosis and optimal treatment. The present report aims to provide an overview of the specific characteristics of healthcare in Japan to healthcare management professionals in other countries. We introduce the systems within Japan's healthcare framework, particularly "medical team approach", "nutrition management", and "infection controls", as well as treatment results in Japan using objective data to inform medical doctors in management positions in other parts of the world. Collectively, these three healthcare systems comprise the "patient-centeredness" philosophy through which Japanese healthcare professionals perceive ideal patient care and act accordingly. These healthcare systems are unique to Japan and were developed in accordance with the specific framework of Japanese history, systems, and culture. This report presents the effects of "patientcenteredness" healthcare based on treatment results and performance data by making a quantitative and qualitative comparison with healthcare in Europe and the USA. Further objective evaluation revealed that Japan demonstrates positive treatment results that are comparable to those of Europe and the USA due to its "patient-centeredness" rational medical system and the availability of the "correct diagnosis and optimal treatment". These findings introduce Japan's "patient-centeredness" medical and healthcare system with a view of informing and guiding improvements in the healthcare quality of other countries and promoting future international collaborations.

KEYWORDS: patient-centeredness, healthcare system, Japan

DOI: 10.35772/ghm.2021.01097

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