Global Health & Medicine 2021;3(6):401-405.

Approach of Medical Excellence JAPAN to create platforms of collaboration in Asia

Nakatani H, Machida F, Honda Y, Kobayashi H, Kitano E, Inamura T, Kondo T


Medical Excellence JAPAN (MEJ) is a general incorporated association established in 2011 in Japan. It aims to serve as a central hub and a platform to promote international health business jointly with governments, medical communities, academic organizations, and healthcare industries. This article introduces the works of MEJ in the broader context of Japan Revitalization Strategy. The Act on Promotion of Healthcare Policy (2014 Act No. 48) established the Headquarters for Healthcare Policy, chaired by the Prime Minister and supported by dedicated secretariats in the Cabinet Office. The Headquarters aimed at policy coordination across ministries but learned hard lessons from COVID-19, such as delay of domestic vaccine production. This highlights our systematic weakness of the trajectory from R&D to public availability, and this is the field in which MEJ can play further roles. The value and feasibility of developing MEJ-like mechanisms in Asia with a rapidly growing healthcare sector is discussed.

KEYWORDS: healthcare business, Medical Excellence JAPAN, Asia Health and Wellbeing Initiatives, international collaboration

DOI: 10.35772/ghm.2021.01054

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