Global Health & Medicine 2023;5(5):306-310.

Perceptions of protective shoes and recommendations from patients with diabetic foot ulcers

Wang YR, Cai Q, Bai JJ, Ming Y, Qin W


Development of diabetic foot can cause serious harm to a patient's body and pose a heavy burden on family members and society. Protective shoes are of great significance to preventing diabetic foot. The aim of the current study was to understand patients' views and suggestions concerning the selection and promotion of protective shoes for diabetics in order to explore existing obstacles and to provide a reference for improving relevant public health care policies and clinical decision-making for patients with diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs). A total of 10 patients with DFUs were recruited. All participants completed a one-hour semi-structured interview, and results reflected the participants' choice of footwear, the patients' perceptions and acceptance of protective footwear, and factors influencing those processes. The use and promotion of protective shoes in China requires greater support, including improved medical insurance policies, promotion of multidisciplinary cooperation between medicine and industry in clinical practice, and better health education.

KEYWORDS: protective shoes, diabetic foot ulcers, footwear, qualitative study

DOI: 10.35772/ghm.2023.01029

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